Aura Cleanse

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Smudging is simple yet powerful effective way to cleanse your home, office space, or area of negative energy. It also opens yourself up to receive positive energy. Used since Ancient times.

Crystal Elixir infused with crystals and essential oils. The organic oils help the crystal infuse its intentions such as prosperity, self love, and passion. 

Gifted with Clear Quartz Crystal & Roller Elixir


Why I love this,

California White Sage: purify, eliminate negative energy, improve mood, reduce stress, helps with dust, pet dander, and mold

Palo Santo: relieves asthma, headaches, anxiety and depression.

White Sage Ingredients: White Sage, Palo Santo.  4-4.5" in length and the Palo Santo 3.8-4.5" hand cut sticks.

Directions:  Light the sage or palo santo either together or separate times and place upon a plate, allow to burn. smudging with “medicinal smoke” for one hour reduces airborne bacteria by more than 94%. 


 Roller Crystal Elixir Ingredients: Frankincense, Myrrh, Grapeseed, Argan, Marula oil

Directions: Apply to wrist, back of the ear, neck and collar bone. 

 I will pick which Crystal Elixir to give


🐰NOT tested on animals

🌱natural ingredients

 paraben free

 Dist: Oakland Ca USA

Product color may look different in person than in photo.