Thriving Hair Oil

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 This scalp hair oil is packed with hair growth promoting ingredients. Using oils and essential oils to achieve natural hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Use this oil in your scalp or on the hair ends.

Use as a heat protectant and to soothe irritated scalp. NATURAL SILICA. This oil creates a environment for hair growth.


 Why I love this,

Moringa: High in Iron

Argan: Protects and reduce split ends. Prevent hair loss

Kiwi: Full of zinc. Prevents dandruff and helps promote hair growth.

Bamboo: Soothes scalp, improves blood circulation in scalp. Strengthens hair follicles. Promotes thicker hair growth. NATURAL SILICA. 

Cedarwood: Balances scalp oils. Reduces dry scalp.

Rosemary: Carnosic acid found in Rosemary promotes substantial hair growth. Hair thickener.

Geranium: Regulates dryness and excess of oils. 


 Ingredients: Moringa, Argan, Kiwi, Bamboo oils. Cedarwood, Rosemary & Geranium.



Directions: apply your your scalp while dry or damp. For best hydration mist hair or scalp with water prior. Then squirt oil onto scalp or into hands and rub into ends of hair. 

 expire 6 months from opening.

vegan. organic. cruelty free. paraben free

dist: Oakland California 94612